Looking toward a New Year

If like me,  you are starting think about where the heck all your hard earned money went this year and swearing to do better next year.  Well I have decided to start watching   doing and following my budget for the new year.  In an attempt to get prepared for this, I was searching for a little help and stumbled across this wonderful site
They have this cool ebook
The previous years book got rave reviews and I can't wait to start digging into my self.  Stop by and take a look around the site and download your book  at this link

Read more: 2012 Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month http://www.budget101.com/freebies/142791-2012-guide-groceries-under-250-month.html#ixzz1fSVb3TL0
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And get a head start on your new years resolutions now.

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