Winter has finally come to Northern Nevada!

Sorry for the absence again, I started the new job and it is about 60 miles away from my house. So, of course, winter decided to arrive this week since I had to start driving... I have been averaging a 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day each way. When I get home, the kids want Mommy time and DH wants wifey time so unfortunately the blog has gotten neglected again. Hopefully I will quickly figure out this new schedule and get back in the saddle soon.

Some ideas for snow days:

Sledding ( duh)

Build a snowman ( check out these cute kits on Pinterest and I even found  one in the Target dollar spot!)

Snow painting -I fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of food coloring and let the kids paint!

Hot cocoa and baking are always fun ways to occupy the kids when they need to warm up and spend some fun time indoors! ( check out these recipes for homemade marshmallows and monster cookies)

Have fun and enjoy, I know some of my friends back east have been mowing their lawns this week so I may be the only person finally gearing up for winter.

I have been so blessed!!

I  told y'all how I got laid off last week.  Well 1 week to the day from my layoff I was offered a new job.  A few less hours, but still will be able to make our budget.  And I am blessed to have AWESOME Coworkers... They gave me some of their call for the week and I will end up starting the new job on Monday without a loss of income at all!!!!  To top it off, I got three other leads this week and two want to interview me.  I cannot believe what LUCK I have had!!!

So in honor of my good luck and blessings, I am gonna share some more St Patricks Day finds.

                                         This cute Leprechaun Hat from

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A Frugal Lunch and some Angry Bird Mommy School!!

Since I am staying home, I have re instituted more Mommy School with Lil Princess.  She loves this quality time and has a ravenous thirst for learning.  I am always on the lookout for free printable lesson plans that I can do with her!  So today I had an interview this morning, did a little shop kicking on the way home ( because it was Black Friday 2- made $10 just on the way home from the interview) and then picked her up from Mema's and came home and made lunch.  Since nothing was planned, I had to think outside the box!

I took:
 a frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 package of chicken ramen noodles
1/4 c of frozen veggies
a little extra chicken bouillon powder
3 cups of water
Boil the chicken breast in the water, remove about half way through fully cooked.  Set aside.  Put the ramen noodles and veggies in the boiling water along with the bouillon and seasoning packet.  While that is boiling, slice the chicken breast into desired pieces.  Add back into the pot, continue boiling until the chicken is done and veggies are to the desired tenderness.  Lil Princess loved this, she is addicted to chicken noodle soup anyway, so this was right up her alley.  It fed me, Lil Princess and the pictured bowl left over for DS after school, for about $1.13.  It was a little salty for my taste, so do not add extra seasoning without trying first.

Save $50 on Rusty and Rosy Reading Software

Angry Bird Mommy School

Carisa over at 1+1+1=1 has the most awesome sets of toddler through middle school age printables and lessons, I have found anywhere.  She also keeps a lot of ideas stored on Pinterest.  Go over and check her out, while you are there, follow me as well.

For the Angry Birds, I used this printable pack as well as a few others that I have found on Pinterest.
This lesson plan is designed for a week, but we usually finish them in a day or two and repeat for another day or two, along with additional activities I can find!
This is a packet designed I believe for PreK and Kindergarten age.  This is Lil Princess working on her money identification and values.  Prior to this week she called everything pennies or quarters and now she can tell you what each coin is worth, can pick it out of a pile and separate into values.  Now we are working on additional info such as how many pennies makes a nickel, etc.

There is also fractions and basic reading in this pack! 

Stop by and give Carisa some love and check out her great stuff!

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A Wee Bit of Irish Fun!!!

I was playing around again on Tagxedo and was absolutely amazed that I could type St. Patrick's Day into the search and it pulled in all kinds of words that pertained and I was able to make these printable creations to share with you!

I started with...

Then went to Picasa , added some text and features to create this one...

Then a few more changes and put the polaroid frame and created this one!!

Looking for more St Patricks Day Ideas and Printables, be sure to check out these Pinterest Boards!

While you are there, make sure you follow Me!!!
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Personalized Products at 50% Off!

This is your last Chance to get 50% off on great personalized products for your business...

Just $25 for $50.00 worth of free products. 

I think these are really cool, I have never seen a flash drive in a wristband before.  Great even for your kids that lose their jump drives.  You could personalize it with their name!

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Looking for an AWESOME deal on Boots???

It is coming up on Winter in Australia, so that means that their new winter boots are just coming out!!!
This is a fantastic deal to get $100 Boots for just 26.00.  Even the best clearance sales around here aren't running that low!!

Just check out the link and buy your promo code before they are all gone.  In just the time it took me to type this, 32 have sold!  Don't Miss Out!

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Pinterest, Picasa and Cricut Saved the Day!!!

My Son dragged his tushie as usual...I don't have ANY idea where he gets his procrastination from (roll eyes, heehee) No, he comes by it honestly.  But anyway, we were down to the last minute trying to throw together a project that is due at 8 am today!  So, after finally finding a store that had the boards in stock, we finally got home to get started at about 2. 

So we took the Cricut that is so easy to use that even a ten year old could handle, punching in the letters and the blurb (or whatever those little thingies are called). 
We glued all that down and went through my entire scrapbook paper stash.  It wasn't much because I do not scrapbook, yet!  I didn't feel like running out to the store again, so Pinterest to the rescue.

Aren' the little swirlies cute???

Between my Cool Printables and Fonts and Papercraft boards, I had all the free printable paper I needed. 

I needed to write the little caption below the photos, and didn't feel like printing in Word and then cutting and pasting again, so I tried Picasa.  I had heard alot about it around blogland.  This is the first time I tried it and oh wow, I found another new love!!!
Hope this post inspires you to tie your crafting in with your helping your family with their projects!!

FREE Pain Relief!!!

First, I just want to say a quick thank you for all the well wishes.  I am having a little signs of promise for quickly finding a new job.  I even got a call back today for an interview ( on a holiday!)  So keep the prayers coming they are working!

On to the free pain relief...

I have not been couponing too much lately, but there some deals that are just to good to pass up!
This week at Walgreens, they have Tylenol Precise Pain Relief (cream and pads) on sale for $5. 
This past Sunday there was a coupon in the Red Plum insert for $5 off one.  That makes it FREE without the hassles of Register Rewards to deal with.  I love the pads for my lower back when I have had a rough day, they ease it right up so I can sleep easily at night.  And you can't beat the price, these normally run between $8-10.  So that is a savings worth shouting about.
Didn't get a Sunday Paper?  You can still get a great deal on these with the $2 Printable Coupon.

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A Little St Patrick's Day Pinspiration

I have started looking into projects for St Patricks Day and Easter.  So I turned to Pinterest for a little Pinspiration, to see what my other crafty friends have created.

There are some Printables...
From the Crafting Chicks

Lolly Jane Boutique

Eighteen25 sbe also has a link to the above picture

And there is more printables, crafts and foods
Just check them out here...

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Savings Saturday- Zulily

If you haven't seen this site, you gotta take a second to check it out!
  Zulily originally started as a discounted kids store.  But they have really expanded their offerings and now carry a huge variety of items. 

Home Organizers

and appliances

Women's Shoes

Dress Shoes and Boots

Even Bathing Suits

Accessories too...

Kids Furniture and Games

And yes they still have kids clothes, too.

So how do you get these designer items at up to 90% off?

Just sign up for Free at Zulily
and check out these offers today...
You get free shipping on each offer after the first one for each day!

And today only starting at 6 am...They are running a super special Presidents Day Sale


"Plan to spend some time shopping on Saturday—we've got a Blow-Out event planned and the selection is huge! You'll find oodles of styles for kids and women. Toys and books to stock the play room. Decorative home accents. Gear to make life with baby a little easier. You might even spot some favorites you missed out on the first time around. "

So rush over today and check it out.  It is free to sign up and get the offers sent to you daily and right now you will save even more!

Another Victim of the Economy AGAIN!!!

I feel like I am starting the blog all over again,   on July 9 I started this blog when I was laid off from my job.  This week, the second shoe (or axe) fell.  The job that I moved across country to take has been eliminated.  So I am sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I have been wandering around in a fog.  I can't believe that this has happened twice!  Oh well, more job hunting and hopefully a little free time to test how truly frugal we can be.  My husband's take home pay is roughly $200  more than our rent payment so hopefully something will come through quickly.  Sorry to be so grim, but I felt I owed you all an explanation and proof that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  I will be back tomorrow with a new post and a new start.  Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and I am thinking of some new projects to make for Easter and St. Patricks Day.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Photo Source

Best Wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day for you and your loved ones...

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Homemade Valentines Day Cards

We sat down and made a few Valentine's cards I just figured I would share some pics without the usual running commentary...kinda like a Wordless Wednesday delivered on Monday.  Sorry for the nudity, I could not get her to put her shirt on for anything!

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