Start saving now for next Christmas or Birthdays or just get some free money

I read an article in our local newspaper recently about shopping apps.  Many of them I had already heard of but one really intrigued me. 

December 9th I signed up for Shopkick and LOVE IT!!!  If you haven't tried this yet, you have got to check it out right now!  You get 50 kicks if you sign up here.  Start saving your kicks and with as little as 500 points you can get a Best Buy or Target gift card.  You could save up your kicks for a Coach purse, XBOX 360 or even a cruise, many rewards are available and they add new ones often.

So in the last month I have accumulated enough kicks to earn over $20 worth of gift cards.  I had to try it out and see how it worked so I was shopping in Target and opened the app and just downloaded my gift card and used it at the register, how cool is that!  Instant gratification. 

I know, you are saying well how do I earn Kicks and how much will it cost me?
      You can earn kicks by just walking in to certain stores and malls, you can scan product barcodes at the store, you can register your Visa and get kicks for certain purchases or you can simply open the app and look for the stars that signify instant rewards

How is this saving me money for next Christmas?
     So my thoughts are that if can earn at least a $25 gift card each month, that is at least an extra $300 into my Christmas budget.  All I have to do is play with my phone, like I am not doing that anyway.  The app is available for iphone and android.  So click here and get your 50 kicks to start saving today.

Is there anything else that this app can do? 
     There are also special sales, featured products and coupons within the stores in the app.  So if you are in the store, before you check out, all you have to do is click on the app and see what there is.  Target has coupons on theirs, and before Christmas I was shopping at RUE21 and checked and there was a 20% off your purchase that I was able to use immediately.  No more having to print emails and carry around coupons (then not remembering where you put them, or is that just me?) just in case you end up in that store.

Have you ever been in a strange city or even a different part of town and didn't know where to go for lunch or a store?  When I open this app, it pulls up all the businesses that are close to me ( wherever you may be).  I have learned so many new stores that are within a few miles of my house or work that I didn't even know were there.  You can then click on the store/restaraunt and see if they are running any specials or have coupons, then click on the map for directions or click call to call the store with any questions. 

What is more to say I absolutely LOVE this App, it is free, click here and try it for have nothing to lose, just free money to gain.


  1. Wow.. I have never heard of this app before! Ill have to check it out. I hope I can download it on my blackberry.

    Thanks for linking up.. Im going to feature this at my Friday party!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Serenity Saturday
    Hope to see you next time

    Natasha xx


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