Plans for the Blog

I started the blog in May and have done very little with it, but one of my goals is to get this blog up and running.  I have played with it alot since the beginning of 2012 and though I still HATE the look, I am working on it and learning as I go...

One of my goals is to start posting regularly, so to accomplish this goal, I am trying to dedicate each day to a specific topic so here is what is to come:

Menu Planning Mondays
Tips and Hints on Tuesdays
Wacky Wednesday (where I will post whatever is on my mind!)
Thoughts for Thursday (In other words, still not sure what will fall on this day either :( )
Frugally Crafty Fridays ( I will share my favorite frugal crafts that I do or like)
Savings Saturdays - things that we do around here to save money
Kids in the Kitchen Sundays

So stay around and watch as we grow!

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  1. Thanks for joining my Planet Weidknecht weekend hop! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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