Winter Weather Tips

As I sit here writing this, we are finally getting our first snowfall of the seaon.  Yes, we had some in October but that doesn't count.  In ski country, the season generally starts Thanksgiving with the temperatures cold enough for the slopes to maintain and build a base so they can open by Christmas. Our poor ski areas are suffering this year, so YEA!!!! the snow is finally coming.  We are expecting heavy storms by the end of the week which means the mountains should get lots.

That said, snow and ice are on my mind so I decided that this first week of Tips and Hints Tuesday will be centered around them.

If you are not lucky enough to have a garage or covered parking, fighting with the snow/ice each morning can be a royal pain.  One way to prevent or at least minimize the headaches is to put something over your windshield the night before and anticipated problems.  You could use a blanket, beach towel ( not using those now anyway), a sheet of cardboard or even your car floor mats.  The important thing to remember is to get it to stay in place.

1.  Make sure you tuck whatever you use under your windshield wipers to secure.
2.  If at all possible, tuck it into the front doors or windows also.
3.  You could also do this with the back window and tuck into the back doors if you have a 4 dr sedan.

Keep a handy spray bottle filled with one of two mixtures in it:

3:1 parts white vinegar and water
2:1 parts rubbing alcohol and water

Either of these can be sprayed on all the car windows the night before to prevent the ice from building up.
The rubbing alcohol mixture can also be wiped onto the inside of windows to prevent them from fogging up.
Already have ice on your car?  The alcohol mixture also workers as a de-icer when sprayed on.  If left for a few seconds, it will melt the ice away.

While you have the rubbing alcohol out making your mixture, go ahead and add about 1/8 a  cup into your windshield washer fluid container in the car.  This will help to keep your lines from freezing and if you are driving in a storm and the ice is building up on your windshield and wipers a few sprays will help it melt away and get you home safely.

Three more things to put in your winter tool box (besides your scraper, or if you are like me and can never find the scraper, an old credit card  because it will work in a pinch)

1. Salt- sprinkle some on ice that can't be loosened.  It will melt if you shake some on it and let it sit for a
2.  Hand Sanitizer- it works great at defrosting frozen locks.  A little squirt will melt the ice.
3.  Cat Litter- Even the dollar tree sells small bags for a dollar, if you were to get stuck and have your
            wheels spinning, a little sprinkle in front of the tires and voila you are on your way.

I hope thesese tips will help you to go out and enjoy the beauty and wonder of winter without the headaches it can cause!  And just remember, it only lasts a little while, take a deep breath and before you know it, you will be back on the beaches!


  1. Great tips for winter weather. Lots of them I had never heard before. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. hello from England! We are not to bad over East Anglia but Scotland has the snow. I've over in America soon for a holiday - whoop! whoop! Came over from Serenity...

    (Linky party 1/2 and worldwide mini giveaway live)


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