Savings Saturday -The Coupons App

Before I get started on this Savings Saturday, I have one side note to make about last week’sOld Navy doesn’t love me right now, apparently if you use the app too much, it stops you. 

 I never got any of the really good prizes, but it cut me off…Says check back at a later date, you have gotten all of the available surprises.  So sad, I will start using it again in February and see if anything new  pops up.  If anyone from Old Navy happens to stumble across this post, I miss you!  Send me some Love!

Ok, this is the last app that I am going to share for awhile and get on with some other ways to save money!

As I have alluded to in previous posts, I am the world’s laziest couponer.  I do not like to clip and organize coupons.  When I do clip some out,  I spend more time trying to find them then I  will ever save.  So I found this app, it doesn’t do grocery coupons which is fine, this app gives me on the go coupons to restaurants and other retailers.  Some stores that I shop at regularly, but always seem to not have a coupon to…Kohl’s, Michaels, Ulta,  Best Buy and so many more retailers.  A lot of the local fast foods are there too and they even list the local gas prices so you can find which is cheapest ( though I have not found this to be the most accurate).  So just go into your app market  and install  The Coupons App and stop clipping and carrying.

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  1. Same thing happened with my Old Navy Snap Appy :(. Boo. Anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Maybe they will bring us some new goodies for February!


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