Tips and Hints Tuesday- Dry Skin Treatment

I love the snow this time of year, my skin hates it!  It gets dry, cracks and even bleeds.  Working in a hospital, my hands are getting washed hundreds of times a day.  The knuckles crack, and my heels crack, some days my skin gets so bad it just hurts.  Since I had to attempt some repair work recently, I figured that I would share some of what I do, plus some of the pins that I have on my Homemade Body Products board on Pinterest

In the interest of hurrying because my feet were hurting sooooo bad I filled the bottom 4 inches of the bathtub with as hot as I could stand.  I soaked my feet for about 15 minutes and then used my ped-egg and  a foot scrub...lather rinse and repeat.  Once I was satisfied with the results, I liberally rubbed vaseline on my clean dry feet and put socks on and slept in them until the morning.  Baby soft when I woke up the next day.  For the hands, I just apply the vaseline and cotton gloves and sleep until morning!

Some of my favorites on Pinterest are:

Home remedies for you shares lots of good ideas including a little knowledge behind the causes of the cracking. 

Viva Full House shares a hydrating facial mask

And my Blogger sister, Karen, shares the Best Homemade Lotion Ever

While your over at Karen's site, check out the cutest Three tiered cupcake plates ever

and if you are scratching your head and going, what the heck  a blogging sister is, just head on over to Sara's site and sign up to get your own blogger sister.



  1. Thanks for featuring me! I love having a blogging sister! Have a great day!

  2. Another tip: take omega 3 oil capsules. My skin used to be like yours but now I no longer use any lotion and only rarely smooth on a bit of olive oil. It works for my daughter too.

  3. Thanks for the hint , I will try it and thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon

  4. I hate dry winter skin! It really is horrible.. thanks for the roundup of remedies! :)

    Ps.. thank you so much for linking up to Financial Friday :)

  5. Thank you for linking up last weekend and sharing various ways to help with dry skin. Your post will be featured as the most viewed from last weekend. I hope you can come on over again and share more things! Take care and hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I have the worst dry skin in the winter.. thanks so much for passing on these great tips!


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