Decorating Dilemna

Since I moved into this house I sit in my living room and stare at the man on the wall.

 Seriously, I am not THAT crazy, look closer- the two windows at the top look like eyes to me and I told my husband that we should have hung the television at the level of the next shelf (for a nose) and the fireplace mouth. One of my friends was like, yeah a tiki looking man if you are still not seeing it.

There are three separate groups of two that I have no idea what to do with.

As you can see, when my son got in trouble with the computer in his room.
As you can see, when my son got into trouble with the computer in his room, we moved it out and put it in one of the lower sections with the horse parking. But, each of these sections is about 4 foot high and 3.5 feet deep so bookcases just get swallowed up down there and don’t look right.

The next two sections up became junk catchers, the random lamp that we had no I idea where to put, miscellaneous games and movies, the satellite box and the video game systems. If you can see it, there is a 8 x 10 picture in a frame up there amidst the junk, just to give you an idea of dimension. These spaces are huge. The television is 50 inches and looks small.

The top two sections are about twelve feet up and go to the twenty foot ceiling and have the “eyes”. These are the windows to my exercise room and I guess at some point I could put some more attractive curtains that would be more visually appealing from the outside, but other than the dust bunnies that seem to keep reinhabitating the shelves, I have no idea what to put up there.

So to sum up my dilemma…
Huge spaces both deep and tall that two of which cannot support heavy weights.
I thought about contacting HGTV for advice but this is a rental and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even get a response so…
I figured I would throw it out to the most creative people I know, how would you decorate it?
Any and all comments are GREATLY appreciated !

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