Kids in the Kitchen-Breakfast Burritos

I Love to cook with my kids,and fortunately they love it, too.  Most of my weekend days are spent in the kitchen with one of the two kids that are still at home.  I have decided to dedicate some weekly posts to our special times together and hopefully inspire you to let your little ones help with your cooking too.

This is Bethany and she is four years old.  She has been actively cooking for the last two years.  This has been kind of dangerous for us, because if we are not careful, when she decides she is hungry, she will go to the kitchen and start getting ready to cook for herself. 

Bethany already has basic baking and cooking skills, today as we made our breakfast burritos, she was able to stir the sausage as it browned.  After it was done, we cooked hashbrowns in the same pan.

Then we added the sausage back to the pan after the hashbrowns started browning.

Once the hashbrowns were done, in a separate skillet, we scrambled some eggs (yes, she can crack her own eggs, but we still crack them into a separate dish so that we don't have eggshell burritos).
Them combined everything together and seasoned with a little salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder.

We laid out our tortillas and started our math lesson.  If you fold a square piece of cheese in half you get how many pieces and what shape are the pieces, or should they be, if folded properly.

This was her new skill of the day, first we folded the burritos, then we burrito folded it again in a Bounty napkin (love these) and then one last fold into the aluminum foil.  The foil keeps it safe in the freezer, to cook them, remove the foil but leave the napkin and pop in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.  The napkin helps to keep some moisture on the tortilla as it cooks. 

Just a reminder, keep an eye on your child at all times.  Bethany cooked pretty much everything, but I was right there with her the whole time.

I hope that you found this post inspirational, meet me in the comments to talk about other foods you like to cook with your kids.


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