Monday Menu Planning Week 4

We fell off the wagon just a little this weekend.  My husband had a rare weekend night off of work, so we went out to dinner Friday night, just the two of us. Then crazy hectic weekend, left us eating out for lunch both days and grabbing Chinese take out on Saturday night.  So here we go starting again.

Sunday CORN if you have never heard this acronym before, it is my ok no more room in the fridge til
                          we eat some of these leftovers.  CORN=Clean Out the Refrigerator Night

Monday BBQ Ribs, these were planned to eat on Sunday, because it is a two day preparation process,
                but life got in the way and I hope to have them tomorrow night if we don't get a freak blizzard
                (DH will BBQ year round, but the 70+ mph windstorms with pelting ice and snow he gives
                 me a hard time about)

Tuesday Lemon Chicken not cooked Saturday

Wednesday Planned Leftovers  Brunswick Stew

Thursday  Pesto Scallops with Toasted Walnuts 

Friday Pork Schnitzel

Saturday  Turkey Dinner with all the fixings

Sorry for the brevity and lack of included recipes, but I will be back later this week with some more details.  Crazy weekend!  Hope you had a great one!

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  1. I love the idea of CORN, I have got to incorporate that into my week!


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