Savings Saturday- Snap Appy

Old Navy, I still see you every day (almost) and now you have given me a new reason to love you!

Old Navy is giving away free money to spend in their stores...You can get 10 free entries every day!

How do you get to get your share?

Do you have an Android, Iphone, Ipad, or Itouch?

If so, you are gonna want to immediately get this App for  I products or App for android.

Once Downloaded, you can take pictures of the Old Navy logo on anything!  I have "snapped" reciepts bags, signs in the store, ads, displays, ags and even pics of the logo on their webpage.  It lets you snap 10 times a day. 

You can win in one of three categories:  Deals, Gametastic or Fashionspiration

I have recieved a few $10 off any purchase, a lot of $5 off $25 and $15 off $75 and lots of cute sayings ones. 

And for this of you who have Shopkick you can check it, at the store, every time you walk in for Kicks!

Maybe you will be lucky enough to get one of these...

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  1. One more reason I wish I had an iphone, thanks for sharing this great info!


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