End of the Month Shout Out!!

As I look back over the first month of 2012 and analyze how my goals for the blog are going, I am ecstatic! I have posted daily since I got going Jan 9 (even if it was to Call in slacker!). I have gotten as of this writing 2693 page views. I know that is nothing to bigger blogs but considering that 2018 of those came in the last 22 days, I think I am on track. And have increased my followers by 500% ( once again when you start with nothing, every little bit makes a big difference. So I want to take a second today to say Thanks! For all the great help I have received this month!

The sites that have sent the most traffic my way!

Life as Mom

Tatertots and Jello

Beyond the Picket Fence

Thanks for hosting the Linky parties that helped me share my little section of the blogosphere and to all your great followers for stopping by to take a peek!

What were the three most looked at stories?

Tips and Hints Tuesday-Dry Skin Tips

Start Saving now for next Christmas

Planned Leftovers-3unique meals from one ham

And I want to say thanks also to Sara at Samie designs for setting up the little blogging sister program that gave me my sister blogger Karen of Homemade Glamour !

Karen thanks to you for featuring some of my posts, offering helpful suggestions and Pinning away!

I am so grateful and looking forward with great enthusiasm to the coming months !


  1. Way to go Cheryl! I'm new since January myself...and I'm gettin there! There is still so much I don't know. I'm so happy for your success...keep it up!

  2. YEA! You're doing great. I'm relatively new to blogging myself and just discovered linky parties in Jan! Hope your February is successful!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes, I can't even tell you how excited it makes me! We all ought to get together and form a newbies support group...

  4. You are doing amazing! I love the shout out too! Did you link up to http://www.chubbycheeksthinks.com/? They are doing a blog hop, you should join in if you get a chance, its lots of fun!


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