Cheap Valentine's Gift for Loved Ones

When I was at Michael’s, I found these cute heart frames for $1.  I love inexpensive projects like these, because I can let the kids go to town and do it all by themselves and if it doesn’t turn out, I am not out a fortune. 

So I let 4 year old Lil Princess loose with a Sample size Glidden Paint, with the brush in the lid (for more about this check out her painting here

When that was dry I took the Cricut and cut out the letters for Be My Valentine.  After I had adhered them to the board, I gave it a shot of Red Glitter paint and it was all done. 

Now to make it a gift, I photographed Lil Princess holding the heart from this project .  We are still trying to get the size right and whether I want it in Sepia, Black and White or Color, but, I threw this one in to show you! 

Hope you like it, Lil Princess is a regular assembly line, she has painted two already so we could get them ready to mail back to the east coast.  I had to physically force her to stop, so we can do the next two this weekend.  I think she loves to paint.  After she had finished these two, was when she tried to paint the hearts for the wall art and those broke her of her desire to paint anymore today…LOL!  Almost ready to see it all together???  Make sure you come back this weekend!!

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