Tooth fairy please come see me...

I hate to be a cry baby, but, I am in pain....
Thursday night, I noticed a small chip in one of my molars.  Went to work Friday, it was just a small chip... Well Friday night, a huge chunk of the tooth broke off.  Fast forward about 5 hours and I wake up choking on pieces of that tooth...OH MY it hurts, why don't dentists work on weekends!!!

BUT the good news is that making me feel like dookie is probably the only thing that keeps me home.  And when I am home, not feeling well, I CRAFT!!! 

So Valentine's has been calling to me.  I had picked up a few little craft starters here and there.  I got a new Cricut Mini for Christmas that has been sitting in my craft room feeling neglected and unloved.  We finally got acquainted and boy, have I had fun!

So today, I am going to share the first project to come out of the craft room this weekend.  I have started so many, I may forego the regular posts this week to get them all out in time for V-Day.

Foam Heart Valentine Wreath
So, I started with this plain foam heart wreath that I bought for $1 at Target in the Dollar Spot

I cut these cute hearts out with the Cricut, I only have the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge that came with it, so I am limited in fonts and shapes.  I wanted to add some dimension to the flat wreath, so I put a crease in the middle of each heart.  I added a bead of hot glue down the back and attached one to each of the hearts in the wreath.

I, then, added a little red glitter spray paint to give it a little oomph!


Back to the Cricut to give this little $1 wreath a little more love...

I took some red vinyl and white cardstock...Cut out a 3inch heart out of each, a 2.5 in heart out of the white cardstock and then the I Love You out of red vinyl at 1.5 inches.  I attched the 3 in vinyl heart to the 3 in white cardstock heart.  Then glued the 2.5 inch white heart on top.  Applied the I Love You vinyl and gave it a little glitter love also.

Can you tell I am trying to follow Michaels' advice

Ready for the Finale?!?  

I finished it off by attaching a paperclip to the back of both the heart and wreath.  Took some pink crochet string and hung the heart so it could swing free...Why 2 paperclips, I love paperclips for hanging light stuff, they give you a hook at the top and in this case it gives me a loop at the bottom to hang this string from.

Come back tomorrow to see what else I got into today...or better yet, Follow me and we'll have lots of fun together!
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  1. OUCH!! Not a cry baby at all! I have tooth related anything lol I wore braces as an adult for about 2 years, so I feel your pain!! Hope you feel better soon and love that Valentine's wreath!! Very sweet!! Found you via the super stalker blog hop! :) Glad I did!!
    -Meesh :)

  2. I really the craft ideas that you have come up with for Valentines Day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always appreciate new followers. Returning the favor as your newest follower. Will be back to check out further posts.

  3. Love your wreath....OUCH!! sorry to hear about your molar. Tooth pain is awful. Take care of yourself and keep crafting!

  4. Oh, my! I hope you got your tooth taken care of. I certainly would not want to wake up with tooth shards in my mouth! I'm glad you are getting acquainted with your Cricut--I may go buy a die cutter this week.

  5. I have a cricut but I am kind of new to it! I will have to try this out! Hope your tooth ache goes away!

    Following you from Sunday Blog Hop.

  6. Oh no! I hope you feel better, tomorrow I'd be there waiting for the dentist go arrive. I LOVE the wreath you made. I want a cricut sooooo bad! I found you on the Sunday bloghop and I'm a new follower.

  7. That's awful! Tooth pain is the worst thing in the world! You did create something super cute though


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