Thrift Shop Upcycled Valentine's Day Vase

I went looking for Valentine's Day inspiration in our local Savers. I like to find other peoples cast offs and create something beautiful and uniquely my own. Since I have been playing with my new friend Cricut, we worked together on this cute vase.

I started by washing this clear glass vase. Cut out the letters l-o-v-e and then, yup you guessed it, gave them a shot of my other favorite, red glitter spray! I placed the letters an little catywhompus (sp? Or even a real word?), because that is how I was feeling! Still a little plain so I cut some hearts out of the pink glitter tape left over from my poster board. Simple 15 minutes =beautiful valentines decoration.

Once again, this will be part of my Valentine's Decorating Reveal this Weekend!  So come on back! 1.
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  1. Looks great! Did you seal your vase with anything?

  2. No. I didn't and it has been holding feat for a week, I am not intending to put live flowers on it at this time, so washing it is not an issue. I hadn't thought about it if I did , thanks for pointing that out. Gotta think ...

  3. Wonderfully done! I absolutely love the glitter!


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