Upcycled Toilet Paper Art and My First Pinterest Failure

I have been having a lot of fun with my Cricut this weekend and I have been wanting to try making the toilet paper art so....

I had this piece of vinyl decorated that I used for another project still to come and some canvases.  So what the heck, here we go...

I started by making these hearts out of cut toilet paper rolls. 
I cut the roll into 5 separate circles.
Invert the point at one end and secure with a dot of hot glue.
The first seven, I painted pink and then shot with the red glitter paint.
Then I thought to myself, this is a pain hand painting these and I remembered this tip that I had read on Pinterest

I intentionally did not give photo credit for this image because I did not want to discount the credability of the original author, I am just sharing my experience with the advice

The pin says to mix 2 parts of paint to 1 part water in the spray bottle and you have instant spray paint!
I did, I mixed and shook

and oh boy!  I was ready to spray, no more paint brush!

I ended up with a splattered mess, now it may have been the bottle that I bought or operator error, but I had a great big mess.  So, I broke out my paint brush and painted 7 in purple and 7 red.

Then it was time to get the board together...

This is a 16x20 canvas

I sprayed it with the red glitter paint to break up the white a little.
Put the vinyl heart in the middle and spread the other hearts around.
Once I was happy with the way it looked, I hot glued them down and attached the vinyl.
One more quick dusting of the red glitter paint.  Then I stepped back and looked.
It seemed rather plain to me.

I had these foam hearts from the Target Dollar Spot
(are you beginning to think that I spend alot of time in that section of Target...you are right)

I filled in the holes with these hearts and I love the way it looks.  I have a huge opening between my kitchen and living room that I am going to hang this in...I will preview how it looks hanging after I post the other crafts.  I will show my decorated pass through by Friday with all my Valentines decorations!! 

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  1. That sucks that the spray paint didn't turn out, but it looks super cute anyways!

  2. It turend out super cute!


  3. Started off messy, ended up cute! Thank you so much for linking up all your wonderful ideas to my {k.i.s.s.} blog bash, I really do appreciate it. I also, have a new bash, {new neighbor on the blog}. It's for new bloggers & I feature a {new neighbor} every Monday. :)


    Drop By & Visit {The Tattered Tag}

  4. I love this! So cute! I saw this on Skip to My Lou I would love it if you would share this with our readers too for Fun Stuff Fridays! http://www.toysinthedryer.com/2012/02/14-days-of-valentines-fun-stuff-fridays_10.html


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