A Frugal Lunch and some Angry Bird Mommy School!!

Since I am staying home, I have re instituted more Mommy School with Lil Princess.  She loves this quality time and has a ravenous thirst for learning.  I am always on the lookout for free printable lesson plans that I can do with her!  So today I had an interview this morning, did a little shop kicking on the way home ( because it was Black Friday 2- made $10 just on the way home from the interview) and then picked her up from Mema's and came home and made lunch.  Since nothing was planned, I had to think outside the box!

I took:
 a frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 package of chicken ramen noodles
1/4 c of frozen veggies
a little extra chicken bouillon powder
3 cups of water
Boil the chicken breast in the water, remove about half way through fully cooked.  Set aside.  Put the ramen noodles and veggies in the boiling water along with the bouillon and seasoning packet.  While that is boiling, slice the chicken breast into desired pieces.  Add back into the pot, continue boiling until the chicken is done and veggies are to the desired tenderness.  Lil Princess loved this, she is addicted to chicken noodle soup anyway, so this was right up her alley.  It fed me, Lil Princess and the pictured bowl left over for DS after school, for about $1.13.  It was a little salty for my taste, so do not add extra seasoning without trying first.

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Angry Bird Mommy School

Carisa over at 1+1+1=1 has the most awesome sets of toddler through middle school age printables and lessons, I have found anywhere.  She also keeps a lot of ideas stored on Pinterest.  Go over and check her out, while you are there, follow me as well.

For the Angry Birds, I used this printable pack as well as a few others that I have found on Pinterest.
This lesson plan is designed for a week, but we usually finish them in a day or two and repeat for another day or two, along with additional activities I can find!
This is a packet designed I believe for PreK and Kindergarten age.  This is Lil Princess working on her money identification and values.  Prior to this week she called everything pennies or quarters and now she can tell you what each coin is worth, can pick it out of a pile and separate into values.  Now we are working on additional info such as how many pennies makes a nickel, etc.

There is also fractions and basic reading in this pack! 

Stop by and give Carisa some love and check out her great stuff!

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