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Well, I now find myself among the unemployed and have been playing among the blog sites. I have been married for 10 years and have four wonderful children.

My oldest daughter, Jackie, just graduated from college this year and is studying for her boards to be a dental hygienist.

Brooke is a junior at University of Nevada in Reno. She is a Delta Gamma and active in the Army ROTC.

Then I have the two that are still at home...

Chad, or Charles as he is asking to be called now is entering the fifth grade

an my littlest princess is Bethany, she is all girl!!!

I am Cheryl and I love to craft, cook, decorate, and my favorite hobby, what I like to call free-shopping (in other words how much free stuff can I get shopping with coupons and how little I can feed my family on for a month). No, I am not an extreme couponer...I have a healthy stockpile that serves my family well. Although my oldest daughter recently saved over $1000 and only spent $15 on a recent super doubles week, but that's another story. Thank you for joining me as I begin my journey to share my frugal family life!

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