Beach Day!!!

Well, with the layoff, my chances of having to relocate are pretty high so I figured I would take advantage of a pretty day and take the kiddos to the beach!  We ended up making a whole day of it, we started with a $1 kids movie at the local regal cinemas.  If you have not checked out this frugal summer entertainment option, you can check it here Regal Cinemas

We then went to Michael's for some more free summer fun. 

We do this weekly, as the cinema and Michaels are in the same complex and both offer the activities on Tuesday and Thursday.  The country of the day was Russia, so they got to make some Russian stacking dolls and a bear pin.  This Thursday's class will be France and the kids are really excited to build their Eiffel Towers.  We elected not to do the bird houses because we had an awesome frugal find...

This is a version of the Eiffel Tower that my son can build and then they both can paint AND I found these on clearance at Michael's for 49 cents each.  The birdhouses that the suggested using were well over $7 each.  We will be making these today and learning a few french words to prepare them for the activity tomorrow. 

After Michael's we stopped by Wendy's and you have to check out these keychains that they have available ( in some areas)

Frosty key tags

Hang it on your key ring and for just $1 you can have a free Jr. Frosty for one year at participating Wendy’s. Available in select markets across  the U.S.

We got these last year and the kids loved being able to say, "Can we get a frosty" without having to hear, that no we were not spending the money today.

To buy the small frosty it is 99 cents and for $1 you can buy this keychain for free frostys for the whole rest of the year,,,

Once everyone's tummies were full we finally made our way to the beach.

The gorgeous north carolina coast!

It is always great when you get them paying well together for a little while!

Thanks for joining me today!


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