Building the Eiffel Tower

Yesterday I shared that I had purchased Eiffel Tower wood puzzles in preparation for Michael's Passport to Fun Day - France, if you missed it you can catch it here: Beach Day

Jump to today and oh boy, what did I get us into...Let me start by pointing out that these say for ages 6+ so I knew I would have to help Bethany, but WOW!!!  I am about 35 years over the minimum age and I had to break out the hot glue gun and work with that to get this thing to hold together.

Step One: You must separate all the wood pieces out of the frame, no problem even the three year old could do this.

Step 2:  Start building the tower by looking at the picture from the ground up.  Sounds easy enough!

It didn't work, every time we would try to put the next level on, the one below would fall apart.  So out comes the wood glue.  We glued and constructed each level individually. 

I love how my kids are so much like me, notice the tongue stuck out!  I think it helps, too :>)!

And then I decided to give the kids a break, and I broke out the glue gun to sturdy these up!

Then we decided to paint them

Who would have known that if you mixed brown and white paint that you would get lavender?!?  Well, Chad didn't complain too much.


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