Santa Photos are in!!!

I just had to share, the photos of my four year old with santa in the Santa Tutu Dress are in and they turned out adorable...though I think for next year, I would make her a green dress for some contrast.  These were taken at the Picture Me portrait studios in Walmart.  I have used them in the past and sometimes it is hit or miss, but in my opinion other than the one of her whispering in his ear ( a little off center), these were a hit. 

Bethany loved her photo session and not having to wait in line for some private time with Santa.  She had a booked appointment, so her special time to talk to Santa.  Although we did have a little too much to show Santa, LOL.  As you may have read in my tutorial, Bethany was not home for the making of the dress and the top was a little loose.  Well needless to say, it fell down at one point and she flashed Santa.  Oh the stories to remind her of when she grows up.  I can tell you that when we picked up the photos today, the photographer was telling me that Santa talked about her cute outfit all week, even telling other parents about her. :)  What more could a non-sewer like me ask for.  This dress is Santa Approved!    Well, she also wants to where is this weekend when we take the train to the north pole on the Polar Express so I guess I better get to adjusting it, possibly even adding some straps! 

A quick search on the computer will provide a listing of railways hosting this special event.  I cannot recommend it as this is my first, but I will be sure to come back and post next week on how it went.

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