Day Tripping Across California

It was a beautiful day in Northern Nevada after all the snow earlier this week and DH had a rare weekend day off, so we decided to take the kids over to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA.

From Reno you have to drive over the Sierra Nevada Mountains through the Tahoe National Forest which is always so pretty with the recent snowfalls!

First stop-Fairfield, CA at the Jelly Belly Candy Factory

The kids loved the Harry Potter made out of Jelly Beans

Lil Princess just loved wearing the hat!

When we were done, since we were so close to the coast, we decided to go have some fresh seafood for dinner.  We had some family with us that had never been to San Francisco so the first stop before the sunset was the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sorry for the bad pictures, they looked better on the iphone which was the only camera I had with me for  this impromptu trip!

From the bridge area, you can see where the San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean

Then we went down to the Marina and had some fresh seafood and enjoyed the lights of the city.

This east coast girl even finally decided to have a west coast crab. 

I tried the Dungeness crab, it was definitely different than the blue crabs this Maryland girl is used to, but very tasty and delicate almost a more similar taste to lobster!

Then the long drive back over the mountains, to get some sleep.  Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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