What Little We Know About St. Patrick's Day

I don't know about you, but when I think about St Patricks day over my lifetime, when I think of St Patrick's day as a child, it simply meant wearing green to not get pinched and stories of leprechauns. As I came of age, it took on a whole new meaning with partying, dancing and green beer. Now as I settle into my forties, it had become just another day except for reminding the kids to wear their green, that is, until I read this awesome article by Natalie at Detail Oriented Diva.

Detail-Oriented Diva!: St. Patty's Preview: Shamrock and The Trinity

I had no idea who St Patrick was. I know the saints are generally associated with the catholic church. And that is one church that I have never attended. I did pass out in one, but that's a whole other story that is not entirely unique as I have heard of many people passing out during their long wedding services. But it was just a few weeks ago that my pastor was talking about how hard it is to explain the trinity to believers yet alone get nonbelievers to understand. So I was searching the Internet for some St Patrick's day inspiration and stumbled across this and thought it was too good not to share.

If you are not a Christian and are offended by this post, my apologies. My intent is not to offend anyone just share some more info about the history of St Patricks day.


  1. St Patty's day also means yummy corn beef & cabbage dinners to be at & help at.

  2. That is true, good point Janice. But those are probably my two least favorite foods in the world, LOL. I can't even be in a house that has had cabbage cooking, just ask my MIL. She will meet me at the door to warn me...

  3. I have to leave the cabbage out when I do it at home (husband feels the same way you do) but when I do the fund raiser dinners I get the cabbage fix for me, it isn't a make or break for me, I love the corn beef! I seen the cutest thing today in the store that made me reflex on this day.... she had a bag of green and white hard candies, andies mints and some other green candies all she said for her St Patty's theme table she was about 80 yrs old and said it was her favorite due to green candy lol.

  4. I too have a soft spot for the more seasoned friends, they can be so cute in some of the things they share! As a healthcare worker, I unfortunately for them, have to see them more than they would like. But because I spend so much time with my seniors, I hear some awesome stories!

  5. I agree we ran an assisted living for the elderly for 6 yrs. and the stories wooowee !
    Some of my Holiday themes or traditions I got from my residents, very thankful for our elders.


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