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I just recently hit my 30,000 pageviews mark!!!!!

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I know a lot of large blogs would say, OH WELL WHOOP DE DOO I do that every month.  But for me and my often forgotten, very neglected little blog, it is a BIG deal! 

So, I wanted to talk today about a few things that have made me so many pageviews on less than 100 posts.  I do not Tweet or post to Facebook, I know I should, I am just not there yet.  If you have read any of my previous posts ( if not,what are you waiting for) you know I love Pinterest !!  It has been my number one referral site.  If you are a small blog and are not on Pinterest, start up NOW.  Not only will you get lots of inspiration, you can find boards to give links to ideas of how to succeed with your blog.


You will get to see many new blogs to follow (that will hopefully, follow you back).  Also you can learn anything, about anything you want.  Seriously, to me it is better than a search engine (just don't tell Google I said so :/ )
Also, make sure you have a Pin it button somewhere in your post.  You can either get all creative and make it a hovering button like they show at My Mills Baby, which I haven't figured out yet.

Or just include one in your post.  I am less apt to pin your work, as are others I know, if I have to work for it!

If you wish, follow me on pinterest and leave a comment below with your link and I will follow you back!  Maybe we could all agree to follow each of the commenters , thus creating an instant following! 

Linky Parties

This is the only other way that I currently market my blog.  If you don't know where to start to find Linky Parties, you can check out the link to my Pinterest board or look on any blog that you currently read.  Places I Am Partying is at the top of my blog.  Most bloggers either have a page with a list or they list the parties that they are linking the post up to at the end of the post.  I like linky parties, not only because I get to see all the other cool things linked, I get exposed to and get to see so many new to me blogs.  Some important things to remember - Thank the Host in the comments and follow the rules!  Most hosts will also request that you stay around and check out the other linkies that are of interest to you and share some comment love!  While you are on the new to you blogs page, checking out their goodies and giving comment love, look for where they are linking up.  This may give you a new site or sites to expose your blog on. 


For more blog improvements and ideas, check out my board on Pinterest!

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