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We have been moving into a new rental so that the kids could change school districts.  It has been absolutely exhausting and painful.  Note to self... When transporting large items with wheels check from the inside to ensure they have not shifted before lifting the hatch on SUV.   

Yup, my son's electric scooter was riding the five miles down the road in the back of my SUV and evidently it wanted out very badly because when I opened the hatch it jumped right onto my waiting foot.  I was extremely blessed that it did not break anything, but four days later, I still cannot wear shoes.  and now the toes and sides of my foot are demonstrating beautiful shades of red, blue and purple. 

But I can still walk!  And create.  So one of the projects I have planned for my new master is a three canvas picture of a bird on a tree branch.  I will post it once I have made it, but I found this cool website  where you type in your favorite quote and it makes a poster with the Quote...

There are some pretty cool backgrounds and the results are immediate.  From there you can post it to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more...
 If my room was not grays, blacks and whites, I would probably to this one, put it in a frame and use the silhouette  to put the Always Believe in Yourself on the front glass with vinyl.  What do you think?
Stop by Recite and try it out.  I'd love for you to share in comments links to your creations!

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