Christmas in July - Cedar Christmas Tree

Our little local hardware store does this wonderful night of Girls Night Out with a craft project twice a year.  Well for my final Christmas in July craft that I would like to share, I wanted to show you the Christmas tree I made this past year.  Other than the paints and supplies to paint that I usually have on hand, the total cost of the project is 89 cents.  Or usually about $2 at the big box hardwares.  This adorable tree is made out of a cedar picket fence board. 
Cut 8-10 inches off of the bottom.  Set aside (we'll get to it later).  Now take your remaining fence post and cut the curved top off - about 5 inches.  Set aside.  Now that you have the remaining section of the board take a pencil and draw some branches for your tree.  As you can see they do not have to be perfect, just a wonky, leaning, tall triangle.  Take your saw and cut these out.  While you are cutting, go ahead and cut a star out of the top of the board that we cut out.  Also, if you want your tree to lean a little like mine did, just angle the top alittle.  When all your cuts are done, rough sand the whole lot.  Once again perfectly smooth is not your goal, death by splinters is!  Paint as desired .  Nail the first cut board at 90 degrees to the bottom of your tree (see the tree next to mine from the side).  This could be done before painting to allow your tree to stand while you are painting, giving you access to both sides. 
Another cool thing about this night is they do a door prize raffle.  Look at what I won!  It reads Twas the Night before Christmas!  My five year old daughter is absolutely loves it!
Well that's it for Christmas in July!
Merry Christmas in July


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