Christmas in July -A Dollar Store Wreath Project

I will start by saying this is frugal, but time consuming!  It is a great project to do while burning through some movies from Redbox or watching a marathon of your favorite show, but the results are stunning for minimal cost!

If you have not seen this tip from Pinterest.  It is a great cost saver for making wreaths!  I used a pipe foam insulator like these from Home Depot.  

As you can see we are now working on one for my daughters room.  That's the beauty of the foam packs there are six of them, so plan for lots of new wreaths!  Think back to school, fall, Halloween , a welcome gift for a teacher...there's so many cool things coming up!

Just wrap it in a circle and secure with duct tape!  Then I cut a plastic table cloth from the dollar tree into 12-14 inch strips.  It took 1 1/2 tablecloths to make the white wreath above.  

Take one of the strips and lay it under the foam as pictured above.  As you can see, cuts do not have to be perfect!

Then pull the loose ends through the top!  Tug tight!

Then slide it aside and keep going!  

This is a nice full one, but that's about half a tablecloth of each color for less than a quarter of the wreath.  But back to the Christmas wreath, you can see how I left it loose so I could lay it flat around the outside of the form.  Then I took some cool, glittery, blue snowflakes and some silver poinsettias (removed from the stem) and glued them right onto the tied part of the wreath.  Put a hanger on the back and you are all set!  After a few months in the wind and snow I had only lost one flake so I will glue it back on to be ready for next year!  

One of the things I love about this wreath is I can use it all winter long since it is not Christmas specific.  

Merry Christmas ( in July)

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