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I love Pinterest!!!  There that is the first step in ending an addiction right?!?  Admit you have a problem. 

As my boards will attest, I have 106 Boards that house 13, 740 pins!  How does that happen!  If I do one thing a day it will take me  almost 38 years to try all those things...  That's not even taking into account the other 5811 items that I have liked, but need to check the sites.  What's a woman to do? 

So I have decided it is time to go through and try some of the pins!

I will share with you each of my boards and try some of the pins!  I hope that we have some fun!

Today I will share my love/hate relationship with GARDENING!!!

I love the idea of feeding fresh fruits and vegetables to my family that I have grown myself, unfortunately my black thumb often gets in the way as it did this year.  I live in the high desert of Nevada, this is a totally different ballgame then the fertile soils of the east coast that I grew up with.  So to beat the hard sand desert, I built this lovely raised garden similar to this one from Super Healthy Kids

I started the seeds in egg cartons like they did over at Little Alexander

And boy did they grow great...UNTIL I moved them outside.  :(

I was able to keep them alive for about four weeks, but they never grew any bigger.  I got a whopping 4 green beans and 6 strawberries off of my plants before my hose got disconnected while I was away and no one realized when they were watering for me that my plants were dying.  Oh well, I still have these awesome boxes that I can try to grow again in later.  Right now with 100+ degree heat I don't think I would survive out there let alone my poor plants. 

Maybe next time I'll have to try one of these!

What are your favorite garden tips to share? 

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