Dry Skin in The Desert Sun!

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Here in the high desert of Nevada, the winters can be dry and brutal but the summers are worse! Our temperatures are not bad like Vegas, but with days averaging just above 100 degrees constantly, the skin stays dry.  You can put moisturizer on 10x a day and still have dry flaky skin! 

My saving grace this summer has been the discovery of this

Not only is it great to cook with, I have been making a homemade body butter that is absolutely amazing!  And oh so simple!!!
1 c.  of coconut oil
Place it in your mixer with the wisk attachment on high for 10 minutes.
Once it is all light and fluffy, in the last few seconds add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (mine is lavender) and continue until well distributed.  This will comfortably fill a pint size mason jar, but you can adjust the amount for your container. 
That is it!  Told you it was simple.  Some things to keep in mind though is the melting point of coconut oil is 76 degrees.  So you want to store it somewhere it will stay cool and without direct sunlight.  Also, when it hits your 98.6 degree body it will immediately liquify so go sparingly the first few times until you get it down. 
Coconut Oil has a million other uses that can be found around the internet or on a quick search of Pinterest but here are some more uses for your body:
1.  Make Up Remover - in the liquid form, apply a small dab and wipe away.  One of the great
                                       benefits is that coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial
2.  Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - Leave on for about five minutes than shampoo as usual
3.  Use it in place of olive oil in your favorite sugar scrub recipe
For more homemade body products check out my board on Pinterest
And here is another great site I have found!

St.  Bontanica has 8 amazing Coconut oil uses for radiant skin!
This chart is floating around Pinterest it has some great info on it, too.  
What are some of your favorite uses for Coconut Oil?  

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